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The T-Bend

I do not know if someone has ever said, “Life is like a Road Journey,” but I totally agree to it. It is indeed a road journey, sometimes it is a smooth ride, you can control the pace of your life. As soon as you think that you have full control of your journey, a hump comes and slows you down forcing you to slower your pace, to take over your control. And when you think you are about to reach your destination, a bend comes and gives you whole new challenges to face. In the end, around all the corners you reach your destination, a fulfilled dream.

But, what about those who do not have any destination, any dream to fulfill? Some will say that they do not have any ambition in their lives. I ask them do they need one? I say, They achieve more than they crave for; they get more opportunities to choose from.

Most of the times, I journeyed without an ambition. The road at every step was a new experience and a new lesson to learn. A right bend came and I turned right and turned left on the left bend. When I journeyed enough smoothly and roughly on the same road, it appeared to me that I am approaching a dead end. But as I drove near to it, I understood that life has laid a couple of opportunities for me. The end which I took for a dead end, on the contrary, was a T-bend (Y-end). The life was asking me which bend to take? If I would have been Robert Frost, I would have taken the road which was less travelled. But I do not know which road I took, but I do took a road. And I moved on, ready to face new challenges, ready to learn new lessons and ready to experience new adventures.

After a long time, I think my life is approaching a T-end and I am still unaware of the opportunities that lay ahead.


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