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World AIDS Day

Rajesh broke from the hug the moment Sanya told him that she has been tested positive or HIV. Instead of consoling her, he broke in to fight with her. He was unable to digest the bitter truth he just listened to. He cannot love the person who is HIV+. After clarifying his decision on not to carry the relationship ahead he left the place. He left Sanya on her own to fight the biased world that awaits her.

She wept kneeling on the ground, looking towards the ground into nothingness, her report clutched loosely in her hand. Suddenly a wind blew and took away the report from her hand and carried it to the stranger sitting on the bench who has witnessed the whole act but was unable to understand the root cause. He took the report and scanned it. He was startled by the contents of the report and understood the reason behind their abrupt behaviour.

After few moments Sanya realized that she has lost her report. Before she can start searching for it, the stranger was already there with the report in his hand. They looked at each other for a moment and then he handed her the report.

Sanya started to leave after taking the report but he stopped her and said, “Are you fine?”

Yes” she said with a heavy tone.

Would you like to have some tea in the nearby shop?”

She didn’t know who force her but she agreed to it. During tea they did not exchange any word. Sanya took this as an opportunity to relax as she does not want to discuss about her problem with anyone. Also, the stranger does not want to interfere in her matters, he was helping her in his own way. He was helping her because someone refused to help her. After they were done with the tea, the stranger asked her to drop her to her house to which she agreed. Again, no words were shared between them during their journey towards Sanya’s home.

When they reached her place, before entering her home she asked one question to the stranger, “Are you also HIV+?”

No” replied the stranger with a smile and left the place.


It does not matter if you are HIV+ or not to understand the person who is HIV+. The point to understand is that (s)he needs you by his(er) side. The stranger in the story did not to do anything special but to give the girl little time for herself. A space where she can breathe freely. He was by her side when she needed someone desperately. He did not offer any solution to her problem, he listened to her problem and when you listen to someone’s problem, you have provided, say, 95% relief to the other person which is enough for the other person to search for the solution to the problem.

Fight AIDS not People with AIDS

Fight AIDS not People with AIDS


On this day, “World AIDS Day,” let’s get together and start raising awareness about HIV and AIDS.

On this day, “World AIDS Day,” let’s start making people with HIV/AIDS smile.

On this day, “World AIDS Day,” let’s start being One.


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