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Bangalore’s Volvo bus has become a part of my daily routine. I am using this service from past one year for commuting between home & office and on weekends to roam around. Though there have been many changes but one thing that has not changed is the activities people involve themselves while travelling and I am no different. Based on different activities I have categorized them. Here goes my list:

  1. You love sitting by the window and look outside, staring into nothing, thinking about anything or nothing at all, totally unaware what is happening outside. You are my personal favourite “Silent Traveller.”

  2. How big your headphones can go? Or What kind of earphones you have? Which song is playing in your i-Pod that you are humming and shaking your heads? Whatever it is, I like you “Happy-go-Lucky Traveller.”

  3. Why are you talking so much? You are disturbing others. It’s been 20 minutes you are in this call. You are my least favourite “Irritating Traveller.”

  4. Just let me know the Title of the book you are reading. I’ll check if I have read this one or not. Oh! “Bookworm Traveller” close your book once.

  5. So, music and novel is your pick. What say “Bookworm” are you becoming “Happy-go-Lucky?” (I am unable to think of a name at the moment)

  6. Look at the gadget he got; She is damn beautiful. Oh! My “Watchman Traveller” stop observing others.

  7. Last but not the least is the group similar to above one with a difference that they write their observation on the blog. I do not know if anyone else is doing it but I just did.:D Please give me some name!!!

PS. I have captured very few categories as far as I remember. If you have one let me know.

PPS. I have used a different writing style for this post. Please comment about it.


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