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Its been more than a year since I am blogging. Over this time span I have considered few rules of blogging. In this blog post I am trying to pen down those rules.

As a Writer you should

1. Mind your Vocabulary

Which one is simple “Glistening Scintillating Diminutive Asterisk” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?” Just like that try to use less vocabulary, put it other way around, use common words. This will make your post simple and will make meaning to a larger audience. If you use too many complex words, reader may get distracted and stop reading your posts.

2. Connect with your Readers

“Socializing??” Not your thing?? Neither Mine!! 😀

I am not advising you to socialize with your readers but at least say a “Thanks!!” for their comments. This will make them feel that you are interested not only in publishing posts but your readers as well. Discuss about your posts with them, clarify their doubts, elaborate more on your posts.

So, do not “Socialize” rather “Get Connected.”

3. Connect with other Blogs

“References” are the best way to support your arguments. Share with your readers the view of others on your topic. Provide necessary links in your posts.

4. Maintain Post Frequency

Do not publish too many or too less posts on your blog. You need to keep up the frequency of your posts. If you are publishing too many posts in a week, say 50, your reader may not be able to follow you and your posts. If you are publishing fewer posts, say 0-1 per week, you readers may get distracted from your blog.

“This is the one thing I need to Increase.” 😀

As a Reader you should

1. Comment on the post you read

Writers always have a room to improve and your comments are the best medicine for it. While commenting make sure that your comments are not too harsh that one stops writing or too soft that writer feels that whatever he is writing is correct.

2. Share your Blogs and others’ Blog

If you have written similar to the topic you have read, share it with the post. If you have read the similar thing somewhere else share it as well. Just remember one thing “Knowledge Increases with Sharing.”

I have tried to keep things as simple as possible. I have written the basic rules. People give more rules, list of these blogs is Google away, I haven’t gone through it. But I would like to share these six rules of blogging.

Happy Blogging!!!


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