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It was Thursday and my friend was planning weekend plan to watch a picture. Over phone we decided to watch “Rocket Singh.” After that call he called me again and told me that all evening shows are costly. They are charging 200 bucks for premier class (lower stall basically). “Shit! That’s too costly for a premier call” were my words when I heard that news and asked him to check the morning show.

After 5 more minutes he called me back and said, “Gold class is available for 11:30 show.”

“How much they are charging??”

“200 bucks”

“Get it booked straight away. We will not get this lucky chance again.”

After 2 minutes he spoke, “Saturday, 11:30 done.”

“Good, see you on Saturday!!”

And now all we have to do was wait for Saturday.

The Day Finally Came

“Are you sure they will have these chairs in Gold Class,” he said to me looking at the sample chair kept outside the theatre.

“I hope so” I replied as I was not sure as well, I have just heard from others.

Finally, we went inside the Gold class section. I went up to their food counter to check the price list, specifically popcorn, whether it is same as compared to regular class or they are just making more money from it :D. But I never came to know about that because all they were providing only combos inside gold class cafeteria.

Disappointedly I went inside the hall where picture was scheduled to play. When I reached the altar, I felt “Royally Shocked,” shocked because they have front row at a distance of say 3-4 feet from the screen as compared to the notion I had in my mind.

Yes, the feeling was totally Royal as there were only those chairs; the one which my friend was talking about and the one which you see in massage parlours; placed on Golden Carpet. We were helped by one of their personnel to get our seats.

Those seats were very comfortable and spacious. The best features was that you can adjust the chair in such a manner that you can lie down flat on them and enjoy your picture.

The whole experience was mesmerizing as if you are watching picture in home on your bed with 70 mm screen. To add more to it they provide you a cushion and quilt to save your back and to save you from the chilled ambience, also, if picture is boring you can get a good nice sleep.

My 200 bucks were worth for my Golden Experience. Is yours??


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