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Identifying Oneself

I am part of the Toastmasters Club in my organization. So as part of this club we need to attend meetings, deliver speeches. No, it was not my time to present a speech but I was evaluating one this time.

This lady was scheduled to give her 2nd speech (as per Toastmasters guidelines it is categorized as “Organizing your speech” and they have discussed how it should be constructed). Here is the summarized version of her speech:

Lessons Learned from my first Non-living Child

A question was put in front of the audience to guess the non-living child and it was none other than her first car. As she walked through the speech, she made us count various experiences of her with the car of hers; How she got first dent on the first day of the car? How she overcome the nervousness afterward? How others were afraid of her driving? How she drove her car without oil in it for days and got lucky on not burning the engine? and few more.

It was an ordinary speech that you can hear anywhere else, but what was extraordinary about it was its conclusion and hidden message.

Things for you will get worst or smooth as you take road ahead. Patience is the factor that keeps you going.

I don’t remember the exact conclusion, so I have phrased it myself on the similar grounds. However, there were certain factors that I found were hidden in the speech (I am not aware of others) were ‘Learn from your mistakes’ and ‘Self-Confidence.’

I was very delighted the way she has delivered her message. Most of us use the same technique of stating one’s experience and conclude the  lesson you have learned, and most of the times we tend to cite examples from Life of big personalities.

The fact that I liked about her speech was  the usage of her own life experience and not from others’ life. By “others” I mean Big Personalities. The point I would like to bring out is “You can never forget the lessons you learn from your own experience and you can never remember the lessons learned others’ experience.

Many people say that they follow him/her as their role model. I say “Create a Role Model in yourself” “Take a different road and let others follow” and if there are no followers don’t get disappointed because “Best paths in Life are trodden alone.”

Start Thinking!!!


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